Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ski trip to Orle, Poland

Continuing with my introduction into a "real" winter, I have stuck with the skiing and have been out on two more trips. The first in the mountains around Harrachov, and the second across the border in Poland (only 5km away). Many falls later, and only a few bruises, I am becoming more"aggressive" with my skiing. Now, I feel like I am gliding, rather than walking, on the snow. There have been two minor incidences involving gravity, momentum and an unlucky Czech in my way. Fortunately the excuse "I am Australian" or "It's only my second time on the skis" has been wonderful for damage control. I have also had one woman gesture at my face and tell me "you have nice colour!" With the lack of sun, and the amount of clothing I am covering myself with, it definitely won't last.

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