Summit Sisters
Margaretha is the co-founder of Summit Sisters, a company whose products are designed to get women feeling fit and healthy, confident in the outdoors, and ready to tackle their greatest adventure dreams. 

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Ultra Made Running Camps
At these training camps specifically designed for trail runners, Margaretha helps Ultra Made founder Matt Cooper to host a weekend away in some of the best local and international destinations.

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Mountain Sports Junior Trail Running Clinics
Margaretha will be one of 4 trail runners leading Mountain Sport's Juniour Trail Running clinics. The clinics will give Juniors a chance to take to the trails in a fun and structured way, with the opportunity to broaden their horizons, build their confidence and with no pressure.

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MountainMan Trail Running Camp II
Margaretha will be one of the trail guides at this year's MountainMan Trail Running Camp in Switzerland. 

Runners will be able to combine three days of versatile training in the high altitude trail camp on Melchsee-Frutt (1900 m a. s.) from July 26-28th. 

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