Friday, February 26, 2010

Birthday Ski

The Celebrations started last night. We had birthday cake at our friends Zdenek and Iva's house (cake that I had helped to bake!) and of course, we had to watch the Winter Olympics as the Czechs had two chances for a medal. After the Czechs won bronze in the mens 4 x 10km team relay, Zdenek was so patriotic and overjoyed he immediately pulled out the 20year old slivovice and poured us all a healthy measure. Then, as Martina Sablikova won gold in the women's 5000m speed skating, the apartment erupted. "She didn't even train on a proper ice track, she trained on a frozen lake" I was told.

Today, a birthday ski was in order, and as the weather was spectacular, we crossed the border to Poland. Although the warm weather has made the snow wet and difficult to ski through, it was still a beautiful day to be outside.

The skiing has also improved immensely, although I put much of that down to my new "disco pants."

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