Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fairytale castles and storms in the mountains

The days spent in the mountains around Füssen (Germany) have been filled with intense summer sunshine, afternoon storms with hail, lightning and thunder, beers in the mountain huts, and the joy of standing on tall peaks looking out across endless green valleys! The numerous trails, easy access and signage have made for excellent training, while my campsite next to Banwaldsee has given ample time for relaxation, napping and reading!

Neuschwanstein Castle, the inspiration to Disney's fairytale castle:

MarienBruecke viewed from the Pollatschlucht:

Summer alpine flowers:

Geiselstein viewed from the Ahornreitweg: 

The start of my run up to Säuling, beautiful blue skies soon to change:

Half way up, the clouds moving in fast, promising thunder and lightning:

The 2038m summit of Säuling:

Dark storms thundering during an adrenaline-fuelled descent:

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