Saturday, August 20, 2011

Final jaunt in the Canadian wilderness: Grouse Mt to Hanes Valley

The best way to say goodbye to a country you have come to love deeply? Disappear into it's wilderness for a last day of hiking, running, snow sliding, slippery river crossings, stings and scratches, deep mist and laughs with a group of my toughest, most inspiring friends!

The destination: Mostly unknown...but in the general direction of a secret trail to the top of Grouse Mountain and then descending through the Hanes Valley and out to Lynn Headwaters.

The secret trail:

Deep in to the forest we go:

Across the summit of Grouse Mt., snow stubborn despite it being the end of summer:

A steep, slippery descent:

Nicola, Peter and Jenni taking a small break, Hanes valley behind:

Jumping down across the rocks into Hanes Valley:

Goodbye Canada, I will miss you and your wilderness!

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