Friday, November 11, 2011

The top of the world (Mount Ossa Summit)

The day started with an hour trail run on the Overland Track (my office for the next 6 months), returning to see this sunrise (below).

One of the huts we stay in, glowing in the morning sun:

The plan for the rest of the day was to tackle the summit of Mount Ossa (1617m), the tallest peak in Tasmania (the world?), a jagged collection of dolerite collumns that resemble gnarly, ancient fingers reaching into the sky. I would be hiking up with 2 guests and a 20kg pack on my back - nice way to build up some leg strength and confound other hikers..."you know you can leave your pack at the bottom" weathered bushmen would tell me, shaking their heads at my unpracticality. "I'm carrying safety gear" I tell them.
The views from the top on a clear day are superb - 1/3 of the state lies before you, pure wilderness with nothing man-made in sight.

The view from the false summit towards Mount Pelion East:

Climbing mountains is fun, but hard work!

Looking down the Mount Ossa trail towards Mount Pelion East (affectionately called "The Nipple") and beyond:

Taking a break on the summit of Mount Ossa:

Looking south (across Pine Stone Valley) towards the Ducane Range:

As we arrive back in the valley the weather sets in and grey, ominous clouds gather around Mount Ossa's summit. A perfect finish to a day spent in the clouds on top of the world.
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