Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Running to the summit of Mt Bogong (1986m)

Continuing on with with our quest for mountain summits and epic views we found ourselves outside of the little town of Mt Beauty and at the Mountain Creek Picnic Area (a little camp area with an awesome creek for soaking legs in after the run!). We took the Staircase Spur Trail to the summit of Mt Bogong- an 8km calf burner with no mercy. The rewards come quick though and leaving the treeline for the alpine is a moment of bliss. From the summit other trails extend into the high country of Victoria, allowing for runners to run all the way to Mt Hotham if the fancy takes them. We spent a moment lingering on top, savoring the cooler air, the bright bursts of alpine flowers blooming, and the views. Oh, the views.

Emerging into the alpine:

Views back down the staircase spur trail:

Mt Bogong summit (1986m)

Arriving at the summit:

Time to descend:

Australian Alps in the summer:

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  1. Love it! We spend a few days based out of Bright, running and hiking through the Bogong High Plains, Feathertop and the Hotham area. I was there back in 2009 as support crew for a friend running the Alpine Challenge - you would seriously love this race! You should look at it for next year fer sures. Hope all is well with you!